UR Capoeira & visiting open Capoeira Rodas

Part of the learning/syllabus at UR Capoeira is visiting other groups, not any group any time but groups that have open Rodas. Rodas is where we confirm what we are learning at home works when playing other people, getting motivated to train more when we see others and most importantly feel and learn to adapt to different energies.

When I visit other groups I manage to see my strengths and weaknesses and other peoples too. UR Capoeira visit a few people in London and as an example when visiting Mestre Ponciano, Mojuba capoeira, formally Cordao de Ouro, we get a clear feeling that we are welcome from Mestre Ponciano, therefore, I’m able to visit with a few students on a Friday evening from time to time(when he has a group open day) and provide an important part of the training for the keen students I have. In the video, you see Mestre Ponciano clearly enjoying playing Lazaroni a visiting student from UR Capoeira.

We often come away feeling like we need to do more acrobatic moves, be more physical and fit. We also notice that often we don’t feel engaged with the people we play and believe it’s because the students there are not really as strategic-minded in their thinking like us. From this, we realise that playing in that middle ground when you’re able to be open, relaxed but objective and connected is what we want.

My theory is quite simple – the master or teacher can’t give you everything. And when we try we actually trap the student in a ready-made framework that acts as a restriction rather than a liberation. When we play our friends and teachers regularly in class and at end of class rodas we develop habitual patterns that are difficult to break. When visiting and playing people from different backgrounds and at different phases, in their capoeira life we act, behave and feel different – it’s when we become the capoeira we are.

Come on take a risk putting your capoeira to the test and visit. Contact us for open roda information don’t delay start today.

London has a few rodas – Paulinho’s, Joaosinho’s, Fantasma’s, Pezao’s, Capoeira science too…

2 thoughts on “UR Capoeira & visiting open Capoeira Rodas”

  1. Fully agree, and so far I’ve been lucky in that all the open rodas I’ve attended have been very welcoming.
    I’m glad a group of you were able to come to Bristol, we’ve now got plans for at least 4 of us to come on the 2nd of February 🙂

    1. Hi Taz
      Most rodas are welcoming but not all are secure – at least in my opinion. I get many different feelings and it often depends on the person leading the roda and if they are open to the varied types that might come. We had a great time yesterday as a group and it’s been years since I was in Bristol when I used to come often. 2nd February dia de Yamanja also

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