“Capoeira is a riddle and there is no answer.”


“Entering into training or a roda, nothing else matters, everyone is equal and everyone shares the same experiences.”


“It’s a group thing – we all learn off each other”


“Apart from skill, it also lays down rules which benefit those taking part. It offers positive benefits through developing respect for others. It’s also great fun.”

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Luanda is an Afro-Cuban gem: super knowledgeable, experienced, fun, lovable and an amazing teacher if you have the chance to take lessons with her or see her performances don't miss it! They are a true window to the beautiful Cuban culture and such a treat. And who knows where she's going next year... London enjoys it while it lasts.

Pook Lul Dance student

"Very nice classes, highly recommend them for everyone, especially to salsa dancers that want to expand their skills"

Dance Student

"Consistent and structured classes in Afro Cuban dance taught in a professional and friendly environment. I travel all the way from Birmingham about once a month for the beginner classes on Saturday and I’m always glad I did"

Visiting student

"An incredible teacher who is wonderful at breaking things down and inspiring everyone with her great energy"


"Luanda is an incredible teacher, full of energy and never-ending positive vibes! She pays attention to detail on everyone, even when the class is packed. She has her way of motivating everyone, keeping the class fun and playful. Her Cuban personality is such a big contrast to the European way-of-life, and that is (in my opinion) her superpower"

Capoeira student learning dance

Afro-Cuban Dance Festival 2020

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