Marrom & Cobrinha 2000 Playing capoeira

In 2000 Marrom Capoeira e Alunos travelled to Paris and London in a group of 13 or more students. It was one of the first travels that Mestre Marrom made with many different students and masters over the years. Having 13 students in London was eventful and thanks to George Pintado’s mother we had a central location to stay which helped us all to train a lot with Mestre Marrom – each class was a goldmine of idea’s and moves. On this day you see the game at the last roda we were to have that visit and Anastacio Marrom was in good spirits – we had a big lunch and a few bottles of wine – those that know Marrom know he doesn’t drink much. This day was a little exception as we had a big Muceca and a few bottles of white wine. Then Tim from Brighton called me and said that Cobrinha/Master Cobra Mansa was arriving on the plane that afternoon and had asked about visiting Marrom. When I told Marrom he said “is it real, are you sure?” maybe four or five times that day. I said I was sure he would come and we should have a coffee and prepare!

Anyway, sure enough, he arrived and for Capoeira Angola in London 2000 to have 13 of Marroms students and others like Uri, Ferradura, Forro, Martinho, Dorardo, Formiga, Master Axé, Lagatixa and a load of others it was another great day. Master Cobra Mansa wanted to play everyone but was restricted to me, Marrom, Martinho, Pintado and Master Axé – was a great night.

I would like to mention that back in 2000 Capoeira Angola didn’t really have a strong foothold in London and it was quite rare to have rodas, especially with such masters and students. Filming was frowned upon still and Capoeira Angola was still quite hidden if compared with the popular contemporary styles at that time.

The two photos at the start were taken by my friend Derick Santini and the video by Guy Roberts

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