Four workshops in February on Jogo de Dentro or The Inside Game

This game is sung about more than actually taught. If we follow the song we could believe that this game exemplifies Capoeira Angola. I have a clear vision of what the game is in my mind and I teach it to all my students. Most capoeira moves are appropriate in this game, even so, movements are not as important as the way we use them in Jogo de Dentro. It can be played anywhere at any time but is best played in a small roda with it’s chosen music. The main characteristics of this game include playing close to each other, without touching or clashing and on the floor without standing up. I like to finish the roda with this game.

Learning to play this game can help you a lot in all games although it isn’t to be confused and be played all the time with any rhythm. Each master will have a different look on how and when this game can be played. At #URCapoeira we play São Bento Grande de Angola as our main game. Jogo de Dentro often at the end of a roda and as a training game (it teaches how to stay down always with one hand on the floor). Iuna – for musicality, open movements and dynamic kicks and Jogo de dineiro – trying to pick up the money with the mouth. There are other games but these are the four I teach. The power in learning different games is important for any capoeira player as it helps learn to control not only our bodies but also our manner, intentions and awareness.

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