The Start

The Pogolotti party night was a spontaneous event that all students loved and we realized this kind of night really helps our event and the local community. To continue we needed to put a floor in – as you can see – after successful crowdfunding we raised enough money to build the floor with a view to repeating the party yearly.

What Happened Next

The effect of putting this floor on the local community has had a very positive influence on the area. Putting this floor in and raising the money with the help of the people interested in Afro Cuban Dance has had a much greater effect than anticipated. We now wish to administer annual party as part of our festival. The young people all want to learn the traditional dances but have no opportunity, now, via the festival we have the teachers and infrastructure to do so.

The Future

We hope to continue building our relationship with the Pogolotti community and develop a performance group of disadvantaged young people to perform at our festival. We expect that this will lead to various positive opportunities.

Pogolotti Party

This part of our programme has an important significance to our festival for a few reasons. One is that the party we have each year here is always a hit with the visitors and the locals alike. Another is it brings everyone closer to the reality of Cuba and gives participants a chance they probably wouldn’t get elsewhere. We also have the chance to assist in the revival and development of dances like Rumba, Palo, Makuta, Son.

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