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Marrom & Cobrinha 2000 Playing capoeira

In 2000 Marrom Capoeira e Alunos travelled to Paris and London in a group of 13 or more students. It was one of the first travels that Mestre Marrom made with many different students and masters over the years. Having 13 students in London was eventful and thanks to George Pintado’s mother we had a

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Capoeira Rodas in London

Monthly rodas are now happening weekly – each group does their open roda and if your visiting London and you want to find a place you just might stumble upon a great roda like you see here… We have Urban Ritual, Paulinhas as monthly but you will also find Mestre Pezao on a Saturday after

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CapoRumba Fiesta

CapoRumba party day 1st March @ The Post Bar 316 High Road, N15 4BP London, United Kingdom Check out the page for more information about what is CapoRumba here

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Afro Cuban Dance Congress in Europe

Afro Cuban Dance in Europe at this congress full of great masters, teachers, dancers, Dj’s, musicians some living in Europe and others travelling from Cuba. This congress is special for Luanda and her contemporaries because it’s all about the dances they love and grew up with. Having a quick look at the programme I see

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YouTube Capoeira Tutorials

Join our channel and follow the online free lessons to get a hold on the basic moves of Capoeira Angola. Learning online should really be an addition to class practice. If you are following without contact of a group please get in touch and let us know how your getting on. We could maybe hook

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