Are you using youtube to Learn Capoeira?

Is it possible to learn capoeira from YouTube? I believe the answer is yes! After many years of saying it is impossible, I now realize that I was wrong.

When YouTube first came out, if we consider YouTube and capoeira, it was a place to post recorded videos of games. And in my opinion, however much fun seeing the games are, it really isn’t very good to then try and recreate that game when you play. In some ways copying play and games from YouTube can be completely counterproductive to discovering your own game. I really believe that Capoeira needs to be live because we hear, see and feel what is occurring. We get the before and after, the music live and facial expressions of the onlookers – we are present.

How things have changed! Youtube developed into a real modern teaching culture and it is super good to find out little hacks in so many different ways. I use it when I need to know about Photoshop, cooking, how to talk to my children and exercises for strength among other things. Youtube is a very good learning platform.

I was reluctant to start doing tutorial videos but thought I should at least see how it felt and if it helped me teach better. Positive results. I started to see that the students that actually practice in classes with me when using my videos started to improve at a quicker rate than in the past. And I now am preparing to develop the tutorials which you can catch up on at

As always we are interested in what you think – please leave comments and feedback.

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