Afro Cuban Dance Congress in Europe

Afro Cuban Dance in Europe at this congress full of great masters, teachers, dancers, Dj’s, musicians some living in Europe and others travelling from Cuba. This congress is special for Luanda and her contemporaries because it’s all about the dances they love and grew up with. Having a quick look at the programme I see that Elegua and Yemanya are being taught each day for two hours as an example. This means being able to get a little deeper into that one dance than a normal congress that gives you a quick one hour look if you’re lucky. Live music is also being used and this – in my opinion – changes everything because of the energy and feeling that can be developed and realised by those that might not know what it should feel like.

I’m really looking forward to seeing how everything pans out to make a comparison with our festival

Check out the Programme and artists here

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