Afro Cuban Dance and Capoeira since COVID 19

afro cuban dance

For those that practice, these activities are an important part of life and can really help to have a healthy balanced happy existence.  Regular training and physical practice in such fascinating movement systems can and does stimulate everything from your muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones and far beyond the physical into emotional, spiritual and mental health.  These practices emerged from slavery and are really overwhelmingly complete systems of living often adopted as a philosophy of living.  It’s so vast that we need to chose which element we like and want to develop and can become a lifetime of change and development in every way if it hooks you.  When COVID 19 pandemic arrived and changed the dynamic of normal life Capoeira and dance fell into place, adopting classes online using Facebook, Zoom, Instagram and YouTube.  Capoeira adapted to the changes imposed on it but it never stopped.

For us, at UR Capoeira and Afro Cuban Dance, we quickly were able to adopt regular classes online.  And surprisingly in a very short time, we saw improvements and what seemed to be a real quick change in the technical ability of our students for the better.  We were also able to connect with old students on the other side of the world that we taught years ago that now train regularly again.  It seemed at first that lack of space might be a problem but actually this has become advantageous especially when thinking about playing in a small roda and Jogo de Dentro.

We all miss social dancing, open Rodas, pair training and that real physical exchange of energy but until normal life and social distancing return, we are enjoying the time to practice and develop our personal style and ability.  COVID 19 is challenging us in many ways – especially with our annual event in Havana Cuba –  we are however using Afro Cuban dance and Capoeira, cultural movements of resistance, to keep ourselves healthy in every way while being restrained by this virus.

Our classes in gyms, dance studios and parks will come back but we now teach online and will continue to do so for as long as it is connecting people across the world. So wherever you are if you can log on to the internet you can join us and feel welcome.
UK time
Capoeira classes online are 7pm Tuesday, Thursday and 6pm SaturdayAfro-Cuban Dance classes are Monday 5pm ladies style & 6 Open, Wednesday & Friday 6:30 & Saturday 4-5:30pm
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